Models and young girls of all ages need a healthy balanced diet. Many celebrities and models featured...
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Amici Italian Restaurant to cook for Miss Beds winners

March 25, 2008

Models and young girls of all ages need a healthy balanced diet.

Many celebrities and models featured in mainstream magazines are portrayed as waifs or fatties, so wheres the balance?

AmiciAmici have donated a superb prize for the winners of Miss Beds to experience a healthy eating plan Italian style.

Event manager and international choreographer Emma Allan said, there's nothing worse than watching a young woman push food around her plate. I've been to every type of meal available with models from all over the world and the majority feel they can't enjoy food, they are simply to conscienciouses of what they are eating but feel fine about overloading their system with coffee packed with caffeine.

Amici, and I have joined forces to show the girls that you can eat out and enjoy your food. Its been proven most men like a woman with a healthy appetite and so does Miss England.

One of the finalists this year is a curvy size sixteen and proud of her figure.

Carole Rommeno director of Amici will also be judging at the final of Miss Beds," We where delighted to be asked to cook for the winners.

Amici is a small traditional Italian restaurant in the heart of Bedford's historical town centre. With its relaxed and intimate atmosphere, it is the ideal setting for any occasion. Our food is freshly cooked to order by our chef, using the finest ingredients. I'm sure the girls will have a wonderful nutritious experience".

Contact Amici on 01234 340734.

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March 25, 2008, Katie-Rose says:

I think this is fantastic!
No-one should feel under pressure to be a size 0, we are young women who should take care of our bodies, even though sometimes it's hard to do so in today's society. This is society's fault, and no others, after all, god wouldn't of place us in this world full of wonderful tastes, if he didn't want us to experience them.
This article has really made me smile!

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