The Winner of Miss Bedfordshire 2012 and going to the Final of Miss England is Sophie-Lauren...
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Sophie-Lauren Amos wins Miss Bedfordshire 2012

May 16, 2012

The Winner of Miss Bedfordshire 2012 and going to the Final of Miss England is Sophie-Lauren Amos, age 17 from Ampthill:

Sophie-Lauren Amos, Runner-Up 2012


The Runner-Up going through the Semi-final at Champneys Springs is Coral Beary age 18 from Dunstable:


The 3rd place was shared by 3 contestants with equal marks from the judges:

Fenella Johnson, Emily Eaton and Megan Bayliss

The winner of Miss Bedfordshire 2012 was chosen by a panel of judges on Sunday 13th May in the Rose marquee of Luton Rugby Football Club.

Klaudia Zabek age 17 from Luton was crowned and won a place in the grand final of Miss England next month.

Unfortunately for Klaudia, it was discovered after only 24 hours that she does not have a British passport and is a Polish natonal residing in Luton.

One of the main rules for entering Miss England which leads to Miss World is that the contestant must reside in England and hold a British passport and they are required to produce their passports when they win a qualifying heat.

The main rules are very clear on the website through which Klaudia entered but Klaudia has admitted that she may not have read them when she applied.

Klaudia signed an agreement form at the pre-pageant induction meeting that we invited selected applicants to, which once again states clearly that she has read the rules printed on the form and agrees with them. Once again on the morning of the final show all finalists sign a Miss England Agreement form to agree to abide by the rules.

We are very sad that this situation has happened to Klaudia. We accept that she did not lie or try to deceive at any stage. She is now applying for a British passport and when she has one she will be accepted as Miss Luton for the 2013 contest.

The new Miss Bedfordshire who will be representing the county at the grand final next month is Sophie-Lauren Amos, a student teacher age 18 from Ampthill who was crowned the Runner-up at the contest and had won a place in the Semi-finals at Champneys Springs on 30th May.

The second runner-up was Coral Beary age 18 from Dunstable who will now take part in the Semi-final with the chance to also qualify for the grand final alongside Miss Bedfordshire.


Statement from Miss England office

Although we are all very sad about what has happened with Klaudia, we have to ensure our finalists can abide by our rules. Having a British passport is a fundamental rule in Miss England, it clearly states this on the entry form.

To represent England in Miss World you must hold a British passport.

All Miss Bedfordshire finalists were asked by the local organiser to sign a declaration form saying that they hold a British passport & clearly Klaudia signed this form knowing that she doesn't have one. Many girls this year have been denied entry to Miss England by not holding a British passport & we cannot have rules for one & not others. Within 24 hours of the new Miss England being crowned in Leicester on June 26th, she will be flown to Mauritius to promote the Mauritius shopping fiesta. A week later she then flies to Ordos Inner Mongolia to represent England in Miss World in the month long contest.

Because of the time factor this year we have to ensure passports are in place. On entry to our final this year, all miss England finalists have to produce their passport & it is at this point we found out that Klaudia does not hold one.

Klaudia is only 17 now & can apply for a British passport & should she get one can enter Miss England 2013.

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