Following the pre-pageant meets, below are the 20 finalists selected to take part in the Grand Final...
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Miss Bedfordshire Finalists 2013

March 5, 2013

Following the pre-pageant meets, below are the 20 finalists selected to take part in the Grand Final of Miss Bedfordshire 2013 to be held on May 12th at Luton Rugby Football Club.

The Luton Rugby Football Club will be supporting the Miss Bedfordshire contest by hosting the event and the finalists will all have a chance to support the team and the players.


Sponsors are shown below each finalist who will take part in the final on 12th May.

01. Amelia

02. Angela

03. Anisha
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04. Candice

05. Mairead

06. Elisa
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  Platinum Valet

07. Ellen-Jayne

08. Faye

09. Fiona
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10. Gabriella

11. Giorgia

12. Iesha
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13. Bianca

14. Jennie

15. Kate
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16. Kate

17. Lucia

18. Megan
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19. Melanie

20. Melanie

21. Natalie
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22. Medina

23. Selina

24. Serena
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25. Holly

26. Iyanna

27. Chanique
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Reader Comments

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March 6, 2013, Aaron Brinkley says:

Good luck Faye! I think you will win :)

March 6, 2013, Caroline Smith says:

Good luck Angela my beautiful!!!!!! You have my vote as well as many others coming your way.
The best girl i know in the whole wide world x

March 8, 2013, louise says:

Iesha to win. love you loads. x

March 9, 2013, Hayley Goodwin says:

Good luck elisa.. lots of love Hayley xxx

March 10, 2013, Rohan says:

Good luck Faye you will don't worry Rember the idea we gave you!! :-)

March 13, 2013, Lilly says:

Good luck serena sweetie xx

March 14, 2013, helen Irwin says:

good luck Kate we are all rooting for you. You always do us proud so just have fun beautiful. Love mum and dad

March 14, 2013, helen Irwin says:

Wishing you all good luck hope you all have a lovely time and remember you're all winners.

March 20, 2013, Danielle says:

Melanie Marshall 20 is beautiful inside and out, a real deserving winner. Good Luck Honey! x

March 23, 2013, chantel lorimer-george says:

Lucky 13 Binki!!! We LOVE you honeybuns! Youre the best sweetie. Have fun and be you...What can I say Brains, Beauty and Personality! Youre a winning combo for sure xxxxx Mumsie, Dad, Morgan and Ruben xxxxxxxxxxx

March 23, 2013, Francesca furnival says:

Haha good luck Gabs :D xxxxxxx

March 23, 2013, Francesca furnival says:

Haha good luck babe love you gabs xxxxx

March 23, 2013, Francesca furnival says:

Omg good luck babe defo think you can win love you gabs. Xxxxxxxx x

March 25, 2013, Jessica k says:

Wishing the best of luck to number 20, Melanie. Lets hope the phrase 'third time lucky' is true to it's meaning. It's great to see your determination and strong spirit! Keep it up girly!! :) xx

March 25, 2013, Rowey says:

Looking Good Gabs. Best of luck. xx

March 25, 2013, Doreen says:

BIANCA your adorable. I think you deserve to win my love .

March 26, 2013, tanya says:

No.13 Bianca to win love you mwah xxx

March 29, 2013, gina says:

biancaho to win! xxx

April 5, 2013, fabz says:

good luck my beautiful princess serena!! u deserve to win lookin gawjuz as usual .. love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

April 8, 2013, Katie, oraz, lucas, donaeo, amaya says:

Good luck elisa, you are such a beautiful person, u really deserve to win it. Xxxx good luck aunty elisa xxxx

April 9, 2013, jan bratton says:

Good luck elisa your a winner xx

April 11, 2013, Image tanning says:

Number 13 bianca to win!!!!! One of our top clients at image tanning

April 14, 2013, bruno says:

hey chanique u definately gona win u look gorjuss xxxxx

April 14, 2013, ben says:

chanique to win good luck bbes

April 15, 2013, lori says:

Goood luckkkkk elisaaaaaa.... your such a beautiful girl you diserve to win! i know you can do it girl!! lots of love xxx

April 16, 2013, Rezaante says:

My beautiful sister chanique to win. She's unique and different from the average girls <3 x

April 16, 2013, Jay says:

Chanique to win number 27. Good luck

April 16, 2013, dee says:

The beautiful chaique to win she's the besttt!! Good luck & lots of love hunnie xxx

April 17, 2013, Gemma says:

Iesha you Beaut!!! Good luck lovely xxx

April 17, 2013, Miss Abibat Aliyu says:

Medina to win Miss Bedforshire 2013 (22)she is phenomenal person with the biggest heart good luck medina!!

April 17, 2013, Louise says:

Miss Beds 22 Medina to win she would be a credit to miss bedfordshire

April 17, 2013, Tanisha says:

Med to win!!! miss beds 22 wishing you all the best, you are special to me and to bedford

April 17, 2013, Chirayne says:

vote for my homegirl to win Miss Beds 22 its all love

April 17, 2013, Apple says:

Med to win good luck!!!! num 22 shes simply the best

April 17, 2013, Titch says:

Meds to win miss bedfordshire everybody vote for her num 22

April 17, 2013, tracey says:

my adopted daughter the lovely kind beauitiful Miss Medina Aliyu no 22 good luck love you x

April 17, 2013, Jo Randall says:

Good luck Elisa, you so deserve to win this, you're such a beautiful person inside and out.. lots of love Jo xxxx

April 17, 2013, Medina says:

Thank you everyone who's leaving comments for me an you loads!!!....Xxxxxx

April 18, 2013, Honey says:

Hey Chanique, your photo looks beautiful! I hope you go far and are successful in this competition...I want you to get to Miss England!! and then on to miss world, You Can Do IT!! go girll xx

April 18, 2013, Jamie says:

06 Elisa to win : You by far are the prettiest lady and the rest of the girls better watch out , I think you'll be the star of the show ;) x

April 20, 2013, carla skyers says:

Vote for my gd friend elisa grasso...she is a lovely girl..worth everyones votes..and definetely worth winning..plz vote miss beds06 xx

April 20, 2013, giuseppina grasso says:

Vote for my beautiful lil sister elisa grasso...she is a lovely girl..worth everyones votes..and definetely worth winning..plz vote miss beds06 xx

April 21, 2013, teresa grasso says:

all my love and wishes to my beautiful baby daughter elisa love from mum and dad xxxxxx

April 21, 2013, massimo grasso says:

Good luck elisa and best wishes and im sure u will knock them out with your good looks all the best big brother massimo xxxx

April 25, 2013, Amanda says:

Iesha good luck my lovely ur a winner already x love Amanda and a chase

April 26, 2013, Brian Kestui says:

Hi there, I've just read this weeks Herald and think that Melanie, 20's story is very touching.The work she is doing should be highly commended. It's great to read something positive about our town for once! She has the whole of Luton backing her-Best of luck Miss.

April 30, 2013, Lucy says:

Good Luck to my Beautiful friend Elisa,wishing you all the best x x x

May 7, 2013, ANITA says:

Hi there, good luck Angela my baby girl, i know your are a winner, i am praying for you, may god bless you, and be with you.Anita and Taj, love you Ang.

October 25, 2013, Double Glazing North London says:

good luck

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