Archives of Miss Bedfordshire News for May 2009
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Archived News

May 2009

Tickets for the Miss Bedfordshire 2009 final

Tickets for the final of Miss Bedfordshire 2009 at Bedford Rugby Club on 7th June 2009, can now be reserved.

All tickets are being sold strictly on a first-come, first-served basis. Group bookings must be made at the same time, as add-ons cannot be guaranteed a place at the same table.

Seating is at tables of 10.

Doors open at 7pm and the show will start promptly at 8pm. Click here to reserve your tickets

Miss Charity 2009

In the spirit of the Miss World ethos of 'Beauty With a Purpose', we would like to use the Miss Bedfordshire 2009 competition to help raise funds for our chosen charity Aspire.

All the Miss Bedfordshire finalists are being invited to raise funds for this charity. The top fundraiser will be awarded a sash, crown and the title Miss Charity Bedfordshire on the night of the final.


Aspire changes lives!

Spinal Cord Injury has a devastating effect on the 1,200 people who become paralysed each year. Aspire's projects and services have a very simple goal - to provide the support needed to take those who use them from injury to independence.

Audition Results 2009

Following the two heats, below are the 34 finalists selected to take part in the Grand Final of Miss Bedfordshire 2009 to be held on June 7th in the Marquee at Bedford Rugby Club.

The Bedford Blues will be supporting the Miss Bedfordshire contest by hosting the event and the finalists will all have a chance to support the team and the players.


For details of the phone and text public vote, along with live results,
see Miss Popularity 2009.


Anisha Khetia
01. Anisha Khetia
sponsored by
The Auction House
Anna Watts
02. Anna Watts
sponsored by
Antler Ltd
Babs Parry
03. Babs Parry
sponsored by
Mecca Bingo
The Auction House Antler Ltd Mecca Bingo

Becky Bennett
04. Becky Bennett
sponsored by
Becky's Bootique
Candice Manning
05. Candice Manning
sponsored by
L P Scaffolding
Carlene Bantick
06. Carlene Bantick
sponsored by
201 Battery RA (V)
Becky's Bootique   201 Battery RA(V)

Charlotte Burn
08. Charlotte Burn
sponsored by
Just Ducks
Chloe Alder
09. Chloe Alder
sponsored by
KRA Heating & Plumbing
Chloe Jessop
10. Chloe Jessop
sponsored by
Phoenix Life Coaching
Just Ducks   Phoenix Life Coaching

Chloe Nicholas
12. Chloe Nicholas
sponsored by
Interact Medical
Deborah Bodsworth
13. Deborah Bodsworth
sponsored by
GPS Properties
Emily Eaton
15. Emily Eaton
sponsored by
Keyline Bulders Merchants
interAct Medical GPS Properties Keyline Builders Merchants

Emily Grace Batchelor
16. Emily Grace Batchelor
sponsored by
Michael Di Meo Hair Salon
Georgia Eden Hamilton
17. Georgia Eden Hamilton
sponsored by
Jagged Edge
Hayley Foster
18. Hayley Foster
sponsored by
Fitness First
Michael Di Meo Hair Salon Jagged Edge Fitness First

Hazel Calvert
19. Hazel Calvert
sponsored by
Jaime Leigh Vorster
21. Jaime Leigh Vorster
sponsored by
Bedford College
Jasmine Benson
22. Jasmine Benson
sponsored by
Cox Building Products Ltd
  Bedford College Cox Building Products Ltd

Jasmine Chavda
23. Jasmine Chavda
sponsored by
P.L.J. Groundworks
Jenna Lynch
24. Jenna Lynch
sponsored by
A & S Skips
Jodie Gladish
25. Jodie Gladish
sponsored by
P.L.J. Groundworks A & S Skips Gorgeous

Kathleen Kitsell
26. Kathleen Kitsell
sponsored by
S.G.K. Construction
Kimberley Taylor
27. Kimberley Taylor
sponsored by
Lasertype Limited
Laney Eldridge
29. Laney Eldridge
sponsored by
Luton Mecca Bingo
  Lasertype Limited Luton Mecca Bingo

Letitia Joseph
30. Letitia Joseph
sponsored by
Klassic Clothing
Melissa West
31. Melissa West
sponsored by
The Lawson Centre for Lovely Legs
32. ???
sponsored by
Pizza Hut
Klassic Clothing   Pizza Hut

Natalie Jackson
33. Natalie Jackson
sponsored by
Natasha Heron
34. Natasha Heron
sponsored by
Pru's Natural Cleaning
Rebecca Grant Jones
35. Rebecca Grant Jones
sponsored by
Pete Dunwoody Heating Services
  Pru's Natural Cleaning  

Robyn Bevan
36. Robyn Bevan
sponsored by
Mentmore Golf & Country Club
Rosalie Lobato
37. Rosalie Lobato
sponsored by
Harry Major Machine-UK Ltd
Stephanie Thompson
39. Stephanie Thompson
sponsored by
The Pilgrims Progress
Mentmore Golf & Country Club Harry Major Machine-UK Ltd The Pilgrims Progress

Victoria Stevens
40. Victoria Stevens
sponsored by

All photographs by the Miss England Organisation Recommended Photographers:
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